Expert Guidance for Student Visa, Permanent Immigration, Tourist Visa, Tour Packages and Business Visa (All Countries). The core Specialty Occupations include: IT, Computing, Finance, Accounting, Banking, Marketing, Advertising, PR, Sales, Recruiting, Engineering (all types), Teaching, HealthCare/Medical, Legal, Lawyers, Networking, Telecoms and Business Management.

Education Services

We do not only represent universities, colleges and institutes but we also help students to find a proper career path for themselves. Applying for a visa could be the most critical step for a student to take. Before applying for the visa the student should understand the process and some of the regulations related to student visas. For younger students, having to explain intentions, objectives, future plan and financial support is likely to be a novel experience.


The full form of the abbreviation HSMP is Highly Skilled Migrant Program. This program is designed by the Government of UK specially to let highly skilled people around the Globe to migrate to the United Kingdom and look for work or self-employment opportunities. This scheme has two different fragments of assessment for the people below 28 years of age and for those who are over 28. The Highly Skilled Migrant Program differs from the Work Permit, as it does not need a job offer letter for applying.

Australia PR

We are working with a panel of MARA lawyers who have been practicing in Australia. Australia has adopted a lenient policy for the skilled Migrants but at the same time Work Permit Criteria has been kept on a strict guideline. While implementing simple and easy policy for skilled Migration. The main intention of the Department of Immigration is to get Skilled Migrants in the country on a Permanent Basis.

Australia SIR

This special category of Visa has been set up for the particular undeveloped areas or regions of Australia as designated in the Gazette of the Department. The Applicants of this Sub-class of the Visa have been offered benefits from the Department and the Government where the criteria remain the same. Few more added benefits have been granted to the applicants upon fulfillment of conditions outlined by the Department and the Government of the Territory.

Canada PR

We offer a variety counseling & support services for those who want to go Canada & holds their hands as a friend, philosopher & guide in order to help them know & understand Canada, the way things function there, how best to go there & what to expect. The firm is a best services provider to all those who are interested in going to Canada for higher studies, permanent residence job assignment, business or even visit & leisure.

The H1B Visa Program

The H1B Visa Program is the official and primary USA work visa / work permit. The US Government introduced the H1B visa to offer and enable highly skilled International Professionals and/or International Students, from all over the World, the opportunity to live and work in the USA. The H1B is the most sought after US work visa and US Immigration requires 'every' foreign national to obtain a visa in order to legally work in America.


Jupiter Overseas has formulated the minutely researched system for migrating the people to their favored destinations. Our Immigration Section has been nearly achieving 100% success rate on average of all the application being applied by the Immigration team while keeping in mind the suitability & eligibility of the candidate for the country in consideration.


Jupiter Overseas are providing unparalleled services since 2005 With 12 years of experience and infrastructure to deal with corporate clients on all levels.

Mr. Sanjiv Dalal, Managing Director and Mr. Vikrant Arora CEO of the company, combines expert legal advice with strong business acumen, to deliver innovative workable and speedy solutions that help our clients to succeed.

Jupiter Overseas provide expert guidance for Student Visa, Permanent Immigration, Tourist Visa, Tour Packages and Business Visa for almost all countries.

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